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Dec 18 2011

Winter 2012 Anime Watch List


With only a couple weeks left until the next year I decided to do my seasonal watch list now before the rest of the month passes me by. As usual the list is roughly in order of my overall anticipation though a lot of the shows on the lower ends are actually tied with many …

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Jan 01 2011

Looking Back at 2010 and Planning Ahead for 2011


Another year has passed and with it another year of blogging has been added to the archives. I want to take this opportunity to reflect on how my blogging and other otaku-related activities have gone over the last year as well as layout my plans for the rest of this year. This is somewhat long …

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Oct 01 2010

Watching All of To Heart


Sometime during spring I took it upon myself to watch the entirety of the To Heart franchise as one of my big anime projects. I started drafting this post after watching all the various series but never finished writing it. However with last week’s release of To Heart 2 adnext I felt inspired to complete …

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Sep 23 2010

[Lyrics] To Heart 2 ad ED – Kimi ga Nokoshita Mono [Uehara Rena]

Here’s the latest song for my To Heart 2 mini project. This time it is the ending for ad and ad plus. In English the title translates into What You Left Behind. Unlike the OP the two TV-size versions use the same few verses. Unfortunately this will be the last To Heart song for the …

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Sep 22 2010

[Lyrics] To Heart 2 ad OP – Niji no Kakehashi [Uehara Rena]


So I decided to do a second song for today. This time it’s the opening theme for the OVAs To Heart 2 ad and To Heart 2 ad plus; ad uses the first part of the song while ad plus uses the second. I wonder if ad next will use the same songs? Anyway the …

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Sep 22 2010

[Lyrics] To Heart 2 ED – Tomoshibi [Suara]

Here’s today’s To Heart 2song translation post. This time it’s the original series’ ending theme which means Lamp or Light though I’ve chosen to go with light whenever it is mentioned in the song. It’s pretty much about the singer overcoming her troubles herself with a light burning in her heart. It’s a really nice …

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Sep 21 2010

[Lyrics] To Heart 2 OVA OP – Ichibanboshi [Suara]


Here’s the second song in my mini To Heart 2 translation project. The title means First Evening Star. It’s a nice song but the arrangement of the original lines makes for some interesting English. I realize I’ve skipped a song but I’ll get to that tomorrow. Until then enjoy!

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Sep 20 2010

[Lyrics] To Heart 2 OP – Hello [Ikeda Haruna]


As I mentioned in a previous post I want to start working on translating older songs that have been neglected. Since the first episode of To Heart 2 adnext is being released this week I decided to start off with the opening of the original To Heart 2 anime. Looking over the lyrics it really …

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Aug 30 2010

Fall 2010 Anime Joint Preview: Attack of the Otaku Subculture


Wayyyy too many series to watch >.< [mosu ] Fall anime is usually the best during the year, and fall 2010 is just spetacular; definitely the best since the legendary fall 2008 season. In preparation for the University of Virginia anime club presentation and discussion, we (Aorii [Major Arcana] and Honya [Lyrical Spark]) have decided …

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Jun 23 2010

Summer 2010 Anime Watch List: Bracing for Absurdity


With the summer anime season only a week away I finally got around to compiling a list of shows that I will watch or might watch. For whatever reason I may end up following more series than I have the past couple of seasons so the list is a little big this time. As such …

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