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Jun 27 2012

Summer 2012 Anime Watch List


[Source] It’s only a few days until the start of the new season and I have set aside my ever growing backlog of anime in a rush to finish this post. As I have been unusually busy in the past month I haven’t had a chance to check a lot of the source materials. This …

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Aug 11 2011

[Lyrics] Yuru Yuri ED – My Pace de Ikimashou [Nanamorichuu☆Gorakubu]


As promised here Yuru Yuri’s ED. There’s an abundance of repeated sounds in this song so I decided to repeat words or use two similar-sounding words in my translation to preserve the general melody of the original lyrics. For example in the line Tsuntsun Deredere Hanaji ga dobadoba, I used lovey-dovey for deredere and doubled …

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Aug 10 2011

[Lyrics] Yuru Yuri OP – Yuri Yura-ra-ra-ra Yuru Yuri Daijiken [Nanamorichuu☆Gorakubu]


After some trouble here’s the lyrics for Yuru Yuri’s OP. I chose to romanize the title a little differently than others for aesthetic reasons but it is still the same song. This was fairly difficult because of how wacky and crazy the song is so it took some work and I may end up coming …

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Jun 22 2011

Summer 2011 Anime Watch List: NEET Mode Activate


After much inactivity on the blog I finally present my assorted musings on the shows I will be following next season. I may be picking up a life-threatening number of new anime to watch as I did last season. I originally started writing this post (alongside numerous other posts) while I was out of the …

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