Sep 17 2007

Lucky Star Final Episode Fall 2007 Anime

So the final episode of Lucky Star aired last night and all I have to say is that it was made of God and WIN and I’m going to miss this show. The final episode had everything I was hoping for. I hope KyoAni (Kyoto Animation) decides to make a second season sometime in the future.

Of course, the end of the summer season also marks the start of the fall season. There are a few shows I am looking forward to. The biggest one is CLANNAD for 2 reasons. First, it is being produced by KyoAni which basically produced half of my favorite anime list. Second, it is based on a visual novel by KEY. If CLANNAD ends up being anything like AIR or Kanon, then it will definitely end up being on my favorite anime list.

I am also looking forward to ef – a tale of memories., Myself; Yourself, Prism Ark, Shakugan no Shana Second, Sketchbook ~full color’S~ and Kodomo no Jikan. Besides CLANNAD, ef, Myself; Yourself, and Prism Ark are also based on visual novels.

So what is everyone else all looking forward to for the Fall 2007 season?

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  1. GTB

    Well, I heard rumors of a new
    きどう せんし ガンダム in the works. If it’s true, then I’m very excited for that. But I don’t do a good job of keeping up with the very newest アニメ。

  2. Honya

    You’re right. A new Gundam series will start airing this October called 00 (pronounced double o). I’m not too knowledgeable about Gundam so I can’t tell you what it is about but since you’re a fan, you should check it out.

  3. sato

    Wow! You know so much about anime! What is the population of ヲタク in this country?!

  4. クイエン

    I will miss らき☆すた a lot. It was a great series.
    Out of curiosity, who is your favorite character from らき☆すた?こなたちゃんですか。

  5. Honya


    こなたちゃん is too much like me so I can’t help but like her the best. I also like みなみちゃん because of how cool she is and ひよりちゃん and パティちゃんbecause they too are ヲタク.

  6. クイエン

    When them three ヲタク are together, it’s always fun.I like ひよりちゃん best since I can relate a lot to her, like how she kept forgetting to write down her ideas.I also like みゆきちゃん and かがみちゃん because they are smart.

  7. Honya

    I like かがみん also. Although I pretty much like all the characters, I do not like みゆきちゃん as much as everyone else. What’s funny about みゆきちゃん is that she is a walking Wikipedia.

  8. hanna

    hi?i’m hanna of phillippines…i love anime 2!

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