Sep 26 2007

Study Strategy

Ink Flash CardsLooks like I’ve made it to my third post of the week. I hope people actually read my previous posts since I churn out so many so quickly. Anyways, this time it looks like I’ll be talking about normal stuff (or maybe not). I don’t really have a set way of studying. For vocab, I just look at the list and memorize them and it seems to work pretty well. For chapter 2, I experimented with flash cards, but not ordinary flashcards. I own a tablet PC and one of the cool programs designed specifically for tablet PC’s is Ink Flash Cards. Basically, you write on the screen to make flashcards instead of using traditional pen and paper. I didn’t really use it much for chapter 2 though but I’ll probably make use of it more in chapter 3 and beyond since we will be learning Kanji but then again I also have a set of physical Kanji cards so I will see how it goes.

I also do some weird stuff too that isn’t exactly studying but should help anyways. I tend to listen to Japanese music while working on homework and such. This should help not so much with comprehension but should help one get accustomed to hearing Japanese. I also like to sing along with the songs which should theoretically help with pronunciation and fluency. Even if it doesn’t help as much as I think it does, I still find it very fun to do.

レナSometimes, I associate words with certain characters or objects to remember them easily. For example, I remember “hat” by thinking about Rena’s hat from Higurashi. Her hat is very poofy (as you can see) so through some weird way unknown to me I associate it with “boushi”. I can’t really explain it but it works for me. Another word, “Chuugoku”, I remember because my beloved Touhou series of games has only one Chinese character in the Windows OS games. Hong Meilin is her name but since most fans never remember her name, they call her “China” so that’s how I remember “China.”

So, does anyone else besides me have goofy ways for studying Japanese?

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  1. GTB

    Oh, yeah. I just posted a blog about my own secret study habits, none of which are conventional.

    You DO blog a lot. What started out as your “Lyrical Spark” is more like an inferno now.

  2. Honya

    I suppose I can change my blog’s name to “Symphonic Blaze” or something. Actually that sounds pretty cool. Maybe I’ll use that as one of my original character’s catchphrases or something. Seriously though, I’ll explain my blog’s name and my name sometime AKA an excuse to make another post.

  3. クイエン

    Oh a tablet PC? That is so awesome! I’m jealous.
    Heh I like to sing along with Japanese songs too, especially anisongs. Sometimes I sang too much that I memorize the whole song XD

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