Oct 09 2007

Reading Days

So, this weekend was quite enjoyable. I had plenty of time to relax though I only watched a little bit of anime. The main thing I did was draw on my tablet PC and play ONE ~to the Radiant Season~. In other words, I have no excuse not to post some of my work after 11 art-less posts so enjoy:

月宮あゆThis is Tsukimiya Ayu, main heroine of Kanon by KEY. She’s cute, isn’t she?! I love KEY so much so expect some other KEY fan art in the near future. Anyways, this is the main piece of art I worked on over reading days. I spent a good deal of time on this since the original I did on paper months ago was horribly disproportional so I essentially redrew the whole thing. Having it fully colored and shaded also took a bit of time but it was worth the effort in the end, wouldn’t you say?

Below is Miyazaki Nodoka, my favorite character from Negima! and also my namesake. She is very shy, quiet and timid and spends most of her time reading books so pretty much the whole class calls her Honya-chan (本屋ちゃん, “bookstore girl”) as a nickname. Since I have such a similar personality as her (except I don’t read as much lol), I have adopted her nickname as my internet handle. I also use Honya-chan to refer to other nerdy, bookworm girls which tend to be my favorite characters. Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to finish coloring this 3 year old drawing so enjoy the line art instead. I’d post more reading days art but most of it is nowhere near presentable at this point while the rest contains original character designs for a visual novel I am working on.


霧雨魔理沙I did not do this during reading days but I felt like posting it anyways. This is Kirisame Marisa, a main heroine of the Touhou series of PC games. Touhou is a series of danmaku (弾幕, curtain fire) shooting games where the main objective is to weave through complex patterns of bullets while shooting down enemies. It’s sounds pretty simple but the gameplay is incredibly difficult and unforgiving (which is no small feat for someone who is good at games in general) which is why I love it so much. You can see what I mean in the videos below. It probably also helps that the characters are cute as well as tough.

There is a ton of fan works for Touhou like this one. The animation is based on the level depicted in the video below and the music is a vocalized fan-produced mix of the boss music. I love this song as well as a lot of other Touhou fan arranges.

Looks hard, doesn’t it?! I wish I was this good.

House, M.D.Yes, I can draw realistically. This is House from…House. Sadly, I haven’t been able to watch the new season since I don’t have a TV or cable and the TV lounges at the IRC are usually being used. Last season’s finale was amazing and I was excited that I would be able to watch an episode Tuesday…until I realized I was coming back here at the same time it would be airing. Anyways, I did this near the end of school last year in AP Chemistry since we were only doing AP exam review which I frankly did not need since I had the highest grade/best understanding in the class. So, is anyone surprised that I watch stuff other than anime?

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  1. GTB


    Also, I showed that picture of House to a friend of mine. I think she got a nosebleed. *laughs*

  2. クイエン

    Yay you posted some artworks! I think I can see some of Noizi Itoh influence in your art. Your art style is really cute.
    I started watching Kanon during Fall Break and I really like it. My fav chara so far is probably Sayuri.

  3. Honya

    Thanks for the compliments guys! I’m very glad that you like my artwork.

    Also, yay for Kanon! I think that you’ll really like it トランさん. My favorite character is Mai.

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