Oct 15 2007

Mikuru Beam

The official website for the new Haruhi PSP game Suzumiya Haruhi no Yakusoku (涼宮ハルヒの約束) has been updated and now features a new flash animation of Asahina Mikuru:

Here’s the Suzumiya Haruhi version if you haven’t seen it already.

Can’t wait for the Nagato Yuki one to come out.

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  1. GTB

    …all that Mikuru and Haruhi do is watch your mouse pointer move across the screen. I’m not sure what’s so exciting about that…

    And that makes me wonder. What exactly would you DO in a すずみやはるひ game? It doesn’t seem like as much fun as, say, ガンダム。

  2. Vero

    Hey Karezuma san – You have one of the coolest blog pages. How did you put that poll on the page?

  3. Honya

    @gtb: It’s exciting because I’m a huge fan and it’s cute. As for the game, its about making an RPG.

    @vero: To add a poll, goto customize(or template then page elements). Click “add a page element” and select poll which should be at the top. Then fill out the form and add it to your blog.

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