Jan 04 2008

Katawa Shoujo One Year Anniversary

Katawa Shoujo Original Illustration

I really can’t believe it has been a year now since I saw the original Katawa Shoujo thread on /a/ with the above picture by an artist named Raita. When I first read it, I didn’t expect it to become stickied much less reach over a thousand posts. I also never imagined that a single page by a Japanese artist would be the inspiration for the biggest original English language visual novel in existence. There was a bunch of fanfare going on for that week and even I posted some original artwork for the project.

Katawa Shoujo Girls by Honya

For the first month, I wanted to be one of the artists for Katawa Shoujo and I drew several sample pictures of the girls. However, school as well as my own kinetic novel got in the way. I stopped posting on the forums like many others which eventually lead to the temporary death of the project.

Even with many of its original core members gone, Katawa Shoujo has actually made a good deal of progress. Of course I pretty much thought it was dead until someone released the Act 1 demo on /a/. It reinvigorated my interest in the project though I don’t have the time to dedicate to the project.

I am not sure what would have happened had I stuck around for the first few months. Maybe I would have become a core artist. Oh well, it’s too late to be thinking about that. For now, all I can do is upload the original sticky and maybe post the occasional fan art.

I wish all those at Katawa Shoujo congratulations!

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  1. Aura

    Ha, thanks!

    None of us in the dev team actually had the complete sticky, can you believe that? Really glad that someone had saved it.

    I don’t think anyone saved the first thread (the one that the OP post links to), so it’s gone forever, sadly.

  2. Honya

    I am glad that I could provide you guys with a copy of the epic sticky. If I weren’t tied up in my own project, I would contribute some of my own art to Katawa Shoujo. Anyways, good luck; I am really looking forward to this.

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