Feb 15 2008

The Imperium Project

Sofiya Katukov Non-Combat Design Draft 1
*Edit: Just added Sofiya’s Design Draft (haven’t done any PhotoShop magic yet)*


自分の今週のトピックは「ぼくの新しいプロジェクト」についてだ。ぼくのともだちのZanaikinさんはPCゲームを作って、ぼくはえをかくのがすきだから、ぼくに「ゲームをてつだわない?」と聞いた。だからぼくは今「The Imperium Project」のキャラクターデザイナーだよ。それはTRPGとビジュアルノベルのゲームだよ。おもしろいコンセプトだと思うけど、ぼくはたくさんしゅくだいがあるから、今は何もまだするよ。だから今週のしゅうまつにZanaikinさんとつとめいて、キャラクターのえをかく。キャラクターのれきしもかくよ。たのしい仕事だと思うから、はるの休みにもつとめているよ。



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  1. zanaikin

    I love the skill of the google translator and it’s inability to figure out key words in an sentence…:

    We topic of this week’s “everyone’s life is the nation’s how office workers?” But when I MIJIKAI so in the Philippines, the Philippine company employees to know a thing too. So KAKANAI this topic.

    This week’s topic is his “my new project” to follow. I TOMODACHI Zanaikin of making the PC game, I would say that the clearance from scratch, I “TETSUDAWANAI game?” Heard. So now I “The Imperium Project” Character designer. It TRPG BIJUARUNOBERU and games. I think it’s an interesting concept, but I have a lot SHUKU DAI, I still do it. So to this week’s flurry Zanaikin and TSUTOME story and the characters to scratch it. REKISHI characters well. I think TANOSHII work from the rest of the HARU TSUTOME it now.

    I know a thing much MONOGATARI (Story), I was not asking me to the project in detail. But in a game TANOSHIMI demonstrations.


    Understood some of those words, will pester you for a translations on the others later =P

  2. Zeroblade

    I’m not too good with Japanese, but here’s what I got out of that:

    Our topic for this week was “How is the lifestyle of your country’s company employees?”, but I didn’t live for a long time in the Philippines, so I don’t really know much about company employees. That’s why I won’t write about this topic.

    My own topic will be about “My new project”. My friend, Zanaikin, is making a PC game; I like to draw pictures, so he asked me, “Why not help me make my game?” That’s why I am now the character designer of “The Imperium Project”. It is a both a TRPG and a Visual Novel. I think it’s an interesting concept, but I have a lot of homework so I haven’t done anything yet. Therefore, because I’ll be helping out Zanaikin, I’ll draw the characters this weekend. I will also make the Character stories. I think it’ll be a fun job, so I’ll be woking this Spring break.

    I don’t know much about stories, so I can’t say much about the project’s details yet. However, look forward to the game demo.


  3. Honya

    zeroblade’s translation is pretty much exactly what I was trying to convey using my limited Japanese knowledge.

    Also, yay! I finally got some work done.

  4. クイエン

    And for some reason I read 「ハッピバレンタイン」as「ハレハレユカイ」. My Katakana skill really failed me.

  5. Honya


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