Feb 22 2008

New Domain

As I have mentioned previously, I was bored Monday so I decided to buy my own domain and hosting service. Actually, that was a lie. I have been contemplating purchasing honya-ch.com for quite a while and it was only Monday that I finally decided to go for it.

In the course of expanding Lyrical☆Spark! Original, I have come across several problems that could have been easily consolidated and remedied if everything were on one server under my complete control. For example, I have been using ImageShack (which is apparently the choice of anime fans) as my main image repository. However, my biggest gripe with their service is that they store my images across multiple servers so loading everything can be chaotic. Furthermore, I was limited to 1.5MB per image and sometimes ImageShacks servers would just fail to display some of my pictures from time-to-time or worse, just completely disappear. Those types of issues I could deal with, although I it was often frustrating.

However, the main and by far the biggest reason for expediting the purchase of my new domain was because I was inspired by my friend Quyen Tran. I greatly admire what she has done with her own site, Quiet Thunder, and I wish to expand my own site to in some way emulate hers such as uploading my art and other anime-related work. Please go to Quiet Thunder and support her by purchasing her artwork!

Anyways, those types of things are still a little ways off. For the time being, My main goal is to get Lyrical☆Spark! back up to the level of its previous iteration. After that’s complete, then I can worry about adding whatever shiny nonsense that made me want to switch to WordPress as my blogging platform in the first place. Below is a list of things that I am planning to do and I will update it frequently to reflect the current status of Lyrical☆Spark!

To-do List:

  • Re-do categories to make them English/Japanese-friendly
  • Posts
    1. Import all posts from Blogger
    2. Re-upload pictures and fix picture links
    3. Fix self-directed links to point here instead of Blogger
    4. Fix formatting and useless code
    5. Fix timestamps to reflect UTC-5:00
    6. Status: (60/60)
  • Comments
    1. Add links to comment authors’ sites since those were not imported
    2. Fix timestamps to reflect UTC-5:00
    3. *edit: looks like the script I used on Blogger won’t let me check comments. I’ll have to temporarily revive L☆S Orig. during Spring Break to check some of the ones i haven’t fixed yet
    4. Status: Done
  • Write a nice About page
  • Break Blogger version

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  1. Zeroblade

    Ah, I see you’ve switched to WordPress. It’s a great platform, though you’ll want to learn about CSS and such if you intend to customize. I accidentally broke my old WordPress install on a friend’s FTP while upgrading, and seeing as I had no way to have it fixed, I went back to WordPress.com. It gives like, 3 gigs of space, so I’m totally satisfied with that. I mean hell, I’ve only used up 1% lol.
    Anyway, good luck with the site remodeling!

  2. Honya

    Thanks! I have done a little CSS before but I definitely need to do some reading and get more proficient at it. I do have a ton of space though so I need to figure out what to do with it lol.

  3. Aya Kyunik

    WordPress yea! XD

    I found wordpress to be quite customisable depending on your level of CSS/PHP knowledge. I don’t have too much of such knowledge but I still managed to get my site to how I wanted it to look.

    Lots of space is quite nice, but I still havn’t even used 1/4 of my total space on the server @_@;

    Good luck on redesigning this blog, I’m looking forward to it :3

  4. Honya

    Hopefully, I can find some free time to actually customize it to my liking. Sadly, Spring Break doesn’t seem as long as it used to.

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