Apr 13 2008

Taishou plus Power of Dream

On Friday, Citrus finally decided to officially join the Imperium Project Dev Team. I think the 2 pictures I will post below were the factors that finally convinced him to take the plunge. In celebration we got together to do some planning on the as-of-then defunct third heroine path. In addition, I set up a new blog for Citrus under my domain named Taishou.

Last Saturday, Zanaikin had the strange urge to add a Vampire to the cast and after some strange exchanges, I got assigned to draw a Vampire Trap. I really could not believe it and when I told Citrus he was just as surprised. Tuesday during STAT202, the professor was doing review for the Exam on Thursday but I was so bored I started to fall asleep. I did not have my sketchbook with me so I started drawing the Vampire Trap on my Exam Review. I did not finish it in class so I worked on it during lunch.

Exam Draft 1

Wednesday, I did not have much to do so I asked Zanaikin what we decided was on the next deadline. He reminded me to do the second drafts/ casual outfits and to revise Sofiya’s story draft. Since it would take less time and would look cute, I began drawing all the girls all in the same picture though I did not finish. After the terrible 2 hour adventure I had Thursday morning trying to get into my room that my roommate locked and the STAT exam I almost missed, I spent the rest of the day working on the group drawing. I showed it to Zanaikin and Citrus during the anime club meeting and I think they liked it. Zanaikin said he had 2 other girls I could add to it but refused to give me the character descriptions until I redrew the male Heirs.

Imperium Girls 0.75

This brings me back to Friday with the third Heroine path meeting. We both agreed that Canan and Exam, the name I gave to the vampire trap since I didn’t know what to call him, should both be the main characters in the third route. They have a shared past and parallel each other so that was pretty much a no-brainer. We spent roughly an hour and 15 minutes brainstorming some ideas. One of the things we addressed was Exam’s name. We got so used to reffering to her as that that we decided that would be her name. Predicting Zanaikin’s reaction, we came up with a reason for her name. When the crew first meets Exam, she is sent to Hikari to have a physical. Sofiya and Lothair ask what the new person’s name is and Hikari, not really paying attention, responds “Exam.”

We also decided that Exam would be very knowledgeable given her age and that she would get along well with Hikari and Sofiya. We both want a scene where the three of them get together and have a conversation while everyone attempts to decipher what they are talking about. Exam can also get along with most of the rest of the crew very well which can be explained by her personality and (my conjecture) views the Heirs as her younger siblings that she wants to protect.

In terms of the overall heroine story, it should be pretty different from Zanaikin and my stories.’ It’s looking to be a bit more action-packed and should add greater back story to the main game plot assuming Zanaikin approves Citrus’s Exam’s history ideas. I hope he does because it is really good I think. We also have some ideas for important events and endings but I will leave that to Citrus since he is the main writer for Canan and Exam’s arc.

In related news, after slacking off too much I decided to finally add a gallery to Honya-ch. I decided to name it Power of Dream after an IOSYS song by the same name which itself is based on Marisa’s Theme from Imperishable Night. The way it makes thumbnails is a bit weird and can get annoying at times but the overall look and and manageability is nice. Right now, it only has a few images but I’ll eventually upload some old drawings in addition to newer ones and the occasional photos.

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  1. Zanaikin

    Well, I’m still slightly sad you guys never invited me when you did the whole third path planning :P. But I do hope you remembered that I said the only problem with developing a route with Exam as a main factor, is that you won’t meet her until the third (Penthiaen) arc… that’s where I have vampires available.

    mmm, gallery looks interesting, although the way the thumbnails are done is a bit… questionable xD.

  2. Zeroblade

    I don’t know why, but 4 out of the 6 in the group picture have somewhat similar faces. Perhaps it’s the bangs. Well, when the sketches get rough colors, I’m pretty sure they’ll be distinct enough from each other.

    Zeroblade’s last blog post..Special A 01

  3. Honya

    Zanaikin, the thumbnails are really goofy. I will probably have to make my own thumbnails to replace the automatically-generated ones so that people don’t get the wrong impression. The good thing though is that all the drawings will be easily accessible.

    Zeroblade, that’s probably because flipping through my sketchbook to look at old sketches while drawing is a bit difficult. I cleaned up the picture in PS so they should all look pretty distinct. I will probably upload after I finish my other drawing(s).

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