Apr 20 2008

Negima Compatibility Test

I found an interesting online test while visiting the MAL Nodoka Fanclub a few days ago and I thought I might as well post my results as an excuse to write about Negima. The test calculates compatibility based on comparing your birthday with all the girls. Since I am too lazy to put all the girls in order, I’ll just do the top and bottom 3. Obviously this test doesn’t use real magic but even still, some of the results really make me sad.

Setsuna Bunny Girl#1: Sakurazaki Setsuna – 100%
#2: Akashi Yuuna – 84%
#3: Miyazaki Nodoka – 73%

#29 (tie): Hasegawa Chisame -19%
#29 (tie): Saotome Haruna – 19%
#31: Naba Chidzuru – 15%

Of course I wasn’t surprised in the slightest as to who ended up being number one. Both me and Setsuna have the exact same birthday, January 17, 1989, so it wasn’t a shock that she had 100% compatibility in all areas. She’s one of my favorite characters so I am not disappointed by this result. I like how she has opened up to Negi and crew so much since her first real introduction way back at the beginning of the Kyoto arc. She’s always such a dependable ally and has a good balance between strength and wisdom.

Negima Cosplay Contest

I was surprised that Yuuna had such a high rating. She doesn’t show up much except as a side character so I haven’t grown that attached to her yet. Her father has knowledge of the magical world which makes me wonder if Yuuna has latent magic abilities.

Nodoka AIRHonya-chan (no, not myself), why are you so low. Okay, so 3 isn’t that low but she is my favorite character in Negima so I can’t help but be sad. She embodies what in my mind is the perfect girl and what I would like to be like. Despite being very shy, she is able to overcome her nerves and stand firm which is something I can’t do. As a parent, my greatest wish would be to have a daughter like Nodoka (sons, lol wut?).

Swimsuit Pactio

Chiu and Paru? I find it strange that the 2 Otaku in class would have the second lowest compatibilities since I’m pretty sure the 3 of us would get along pretty well. I really wish that Chiu was the main girl instead of Asuna. Unlike Asuna who only has brute strength and magic nullification hacks, Chiu can actually think. I really admired her during the last few chapters (~200’s) and was happy that despite being new to the magic business, she took charge and helped Negi through the Magic World fiasco.

I don’t particularly like Chidzuru but I don’t think her score should be this low. I pretty much don’t hate any girl in Negima but that’s just me. Not really much to say here.

Sadly, many of my favorite characters didn’t even score that well such as perpetually-bored-vampire Eva, mage-in-training Yue, and super-genius-descendant Chao.

Negi vs Chao

God, I need to order the rest of the Tankouban of Negima, especially the new ones that will have the OVA’s.

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  1. Citrus

    I was interested, so I followed your link and took the test with intent to post my results, too… but they were pathetic. The only girl I had an overall compatibility above 80% with was Konoka… most of them were at 60% or less…

    But the test did say that Konoka has a 93% chance of being mai waifu, which is pretty all right. A double-date with Konoka and Setsuna… now THAT would be interesting. XD

    Citrus’s last blog post..Kanokon, Episode 03

  2. Zanaikin

    Is this done purely by zodiac sign(s)? Cause I fail to see what other algorithm they could have used, lest they pulled something out of their ass.

    I’m not going to bother declaring my results since as soon as I saw Asuna giving me a 90%+ under ‘waifu’ I’m like… DO NOT WANT~!!!!

    Zanaikin’s last blog post..Mechanics Update

  3. Zeroblade

    I took the test and apparently, my highest ratings for Wife and Person of Destiny were with Konoka, with 93% and 85% >_>
    My ratings with Nodoka were so low, with 13% and 23%, even if she’s my favorite character ;_;

    Zeroblade’s last blog post..Happy Birthday to me.

  4. Citrus

    Asuna is DO WANT. Zanaikin and I should trade.

    Citrus’s last blog post..Kanokon, Episode 03

  5. Zanaikin

    sure seems that way.

    I’m fine with Tsunderes in anime, but I don’t think I can possibly get along with one IRL. With Asuna’s type… there will be some excessive violence =P. Therefore -> Do Not Want.

    Zanaikin’s last blog post..Mechanics Update

  6. Tyeh

    I should take the test! but wait … do they have compatability quizzes for girls too? Oh well, maybe I’ll get honya-chan, ha

  7. Honya

    @Citrus: A double date would end up being both WIN and FAIL and the same time lol.

    @Zanaikin: You definitely need to trade with Citrus.

    @Zeroblade: Ah, so your favorite character is also Nodoka. I’m sorry your scores were so low ;_;

    @Tyeh: That would be pretty interesting if you got “me.”

  8. Zack

    my best overall was Haruna at 93%.
    to tell the truth, i thought my top would be Asuna.

  9. syafizan

    like really x 1000% like this anime.^_^

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