May 06 2008

Lyrical Spark Redesign in Progress

Lyrical Spark Header Original

Despite it being Exam time, I find myself with unusual amounts of free time so I have been posting a lot recently; this is my sixth one in seven days. Anyways, I’ve been pretty bored lately so I decided to play around with some of the encoding which led to as Citrus put it, my blog exploding. After correcting that fiasco by foregoing the study time I probably should have been doing, I decided to just mess with the theme code and nothing else.

First, I decided to work on mitigating some spam problem. Technically, Akismet has been catching all the trackback spam but cleaning out the spam queue everyday got tedious so I installed a plugin to block and delete unvalidated trackbacks. Also since I am paranoid, I also added the math spam protection feature. The plugin is old and hasn’t been updated in forever but I have had trouble with captchas displaying correctly on other people’s blogs so I thought that this was the best and most straightforward alternative.

Illacrimo is a beautiful theme but its missing some of the little things that most other themes have. I decided to use Citrus’s blog, Taishou, to test out some changes in case I screwed up again. The first thing I did was to add support to display the publishing time which was relatively easy. I also added support to display the tags at the bottom of posts. I then reorganized my tags and categories to take advantage of the increased tag support but I still need to add them to half of my posts.

When I finished, Citrus informed me later that Taishou didn’t display correctly in IE. I didn’t realize that because it looked just fine in Firefox and Opera. It turns out that it was just a minor div tag problem so I fixed that so it will look fine in IE now. However in IE, when the tags go on to a second line, the tag image does not display correctly. I will fix that eventually but it’s a really minor detail that won’t affect readability or navigation. I suspect that I just need to fix somethings in the stylesheet since I haven’t actually done that yet.

Yesterday, I spent OVER 9000 hours in MS Paint making a logo for Lyrical Spark since I suck at Illustrator. If it wasn’t painfully obvious already, I modeled it after the Nanoha StrikerS logo. The background for the header is the same as before but the new logo makes it look a lot more professional unlike the good old days back on Blogger. Please check above to see Lyrical Spark’s first header. I miss the old rotating banners though so I have to add that back in during the summer.

Lastly I added category icons that display below the post date. Unfortunately, I could not get them display more than one vertically without screwing up the page formating so I need to look into that later as well. For now, I will be using Negima icons until I roll out my Touhou theme later on during the summer. Please look forward to it!

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  1. Zeroblade

    Okay, the banner wins for being modeled after Nanoha.

  2. Zanaikin

    banners’ great, although you might want to practice with something better than paint in the future xD

  3. Honya

    Glad you guys like my new banner. Obviously I didn’t actually use paint; I made a high resolution logo image in Photoshop that I can just scale down and paste to make new banners.

    Also, all Key lol:

    lol All Key Gravatars

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