Mar 23 2010

[Lyrics] Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker PAZ Character Song – Koi no Yokushiryoku PAZ special ver. [Mizuki Nana]

Never would I have imagined that I would be translating a Nana song for a Metal Gear game. As soon as I saw the video today I knew I had to translate this song. It seems so out of place in Metal Gear but I can’t help but love the strangeness of blending two of my favorite things together. I knew Kojima loved his gravure idols but I guess he also loves anisong and virtual idols as well. Kojima’s trolls are always the best trolls. I’ll update this entry when the single comes out April 7 but have fun with this for now.

EDIT: Here’s the Full Version of the song.


I love you Todoite kono omoi
Kitto itsuka ha Kanau yo ne
Konna kimochi Setsuna sugiru no

Hajimari nante wakaranai no
Namae mo heibon de Doko ni demo isou
Demo nanmannin ite mo watashi
Kitto kimi wo mitsukeru yo

Sunao na Kimochi tojikome
Kara ni komotta jibun ga iya de
Ki no nai furi suru sono tabi ni
Tada itami ga fueteku

Kimi ha nani wo negau no?
Soba ni ite hoshii
Zutto Zutto sore dake na no ni

(Doki doki…)

Koi no yokushiryoku
Hora GAME no hajimari
Massugu na omoi ga hora
Ima afure hashiri dasu

Hitori nante mou
Ya da yo
Mite yo
Watashi no koto

Zenbu kimi he to tsunagaru no
Donna kako mo mirai mo zutto

Kono deai ga Sekai wo kaeru
Houkago KURASU ni
Ima ha futari
Kamisama ga kureta CHANSU yo
Jikan ha tada sugite yuku

Kitto kono mama
Futari ha Sudoori
Senaka awase de
Hanarete iku….

I love you Todoite kono omoi
Kitto itsuka ha kanau yo ne
Konna kimochi Setsuna sugiru no

Onegai tomete…
Koi no yokushiryoku

English Translation

I love you; I hope these thoughts reach you
I’m sure one day it’ll come true
Such feelings are too painful

I don’t understand things such as beginnings
It seems like you could have an ordinary name and be anywhere
But no matter how many people there are
I’m sure to find you

I don’t like the me who locked up these quiet feelings
And confined herself in a shell
Each time that I halfheartedly hold myself back
The pain merely grows

What do you wish for?
I want to be close to you
Forever, forever that’s all I want and yet…

(Thump thump…)

Love deterrence
Look! It’s the beginning of the game
Look at these straightforward thoughts
Now I’m overflowing and I start to run

I don’t want to be alone any longer!
Look at me!

Everything leads to you
No matter the past or the future, forever
And ever….

This encounter will change the world
After school in the classroom
Now just the two of us
This is a chance given by God
Time merely passes by

I’m sure that if this goes on
We’ll pass each other by
With our backs facing each other
We move apart

I love you; I hope these thoughts reach you
I’m sure one day it’ll come true
Such feelings are too painful

Please stop…
Love deterrence


I love you 届いてこの想い
きっといつかは 叶うよね
こんな気持ち せつなすぎるの

名前も平凡で どこにでもいそう

素直な キモチとじこめ

ずっと ずっとそれだけなのに





この出会いが 世界を変える


I love you 届いてこの想い
こんな気持ち 切なすぎるの


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  1. Holly

    Thank you so much for this!

  2. t3n

    this is a beautiful song… thanks for the translation!

  3. Carlos

    This song is great I just watched the trailer yesterday in gametrailers and ever since I’ve been listening it, and I don’t get tired of it, so Epic

  4. Hkkmr

    I was searching for the romaji.
    ‘sank you.

  5. atik014

    hi… can you translate the whole song 😛 ^_^ THANKS

  6. Honya

    Okay. Here’s the Full Version of the song.

  7. YukiAnge

    Ah, just thought I’d mention… your transcription has a few errors… there is no word/particle “ha”, it’s actually “wa” but it’s written “ha” owing to grammar rules. ^^; Thought you’d like to know <3

  8. Honya

    Um no. It’s not wrong. I’m just using an alternative romanization system. When romanizing the particle は, ha is acceptable using Nihon-shiki romanization. “Ha” is what I type when writing in Japanese so I romanize はas such. I’m more concerned with preserving the text then making it easy to pronounce in English. It’s always annoying to see people who don’t know Japanese use わinstead of はerrantly due to the “wa” romanizing convention.

  9. Sd

    I personally strongly disagree with the use of HA instead of WA, since I think its confusing to the grand majority of readers who may not be aware of the strange Japanese usage of a ‘ha’ symbol that is spelled ‘wa’。

    But whatever, it is not a big deal, its just a difficult decision to make.

    Just a huuuge favor though, can a you consider a different translation for ‘koi no yokushiryoku?’

    I know Love Deterrence is word-wise correct, but Koi is more like a one-sided longing for another person (a crush, if you will) and Yokushiryoku is like “the power of restraint”. So my version, which isn’t exactly the translation I’m looking for either comes to “My longing for you and how it controls me”

    I know it is a difficult request but if you could come up with a better translation that would be awesome.

    1. Anonymous

      Want to point out one thing aswell, If I’m not mistaken both Paz and Kaz (Paz for sure) point out that the song was literally called “Love Deterrence”, which the same melody is played in the background during the conversation.

      In all honesty, I agree your translation makes sense, but the official meaning and translation as intended is indeed “Love Deterrence”.

      And Kudos to OP, I’m not a fan of jap pop, but this is the exception 😉

      1. Honya

        Thank you. I believe you explained it much better than I did.

  10. Honya

    I understand where you coming from. My take has always been from the viewpoint of people wanting to learn Japanese/Japanese natives which is why I usually use HA versus WA.

    Anyway it’s kind of a moot point now since I recently started using WA instead since I’m getting tired of complaints. With that said I won’t retroactively change my old translations right away since I want to focus on new material. I’ll change them eventually but not right now.

    As for your translation request I’m not really sure on an alternate myself. I still like “Love Deterrence” though. It’s meant to parallel “nuclear deterrence” which has been an essential recurring theme throughout the Metal Gear franchise and this game in particular. If you don’t mind spoilers this song is played during the very last mission of Peace Walker in which Paz hijacks Metal Gear Zeke in an attempt to launch a nuclear warhead. I’ll probably keep it as is for these reasons.

  11. Random

    Kaz “wrote” this

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