May 23 2010

[Lyrics] Angel Beats! ED – Brave Song [Tada Aoi]


Here is the ending song of Angel Beats! Tada Aoi’s pleasant voice helps Brave Song edge out My Soul, Your Beats! as my favorite of the two theme songs. I hope to hear more songs from her in the future. Enjoy the transliteration and translation below!


Itsumo hitori de aruiteta Furikaeru to minna ha tooku
Sore demo atashi ha aruita Sore ga tsuyosa datta
Mou nani mo kowaku nai Sou tsubuyaite miseru
Itsuka hito ha hitori ni natte Omoide no naka ni ikiteku dake
Kodoku sae Aishi waratterareru you ni Atashi ha tatakau n da
Namida nante misenai n da

Itsumo hitori de aruiteta Iku saki ni ha gake ga matteta
Sore demo atashi ha aruita Tsuyosa no shoumei no tame
Fukitsukeru tsuyoi kaze Ase de SHATSU ga haritsuku
Itsuka wasurete shimaeru nara Ikiru koto sore ha tayasui mono
Bougyaku no kanata he to ochite iku nara Sore ha nigeru koto darou
Ikita imi sura kieru darou

Kaze ha yagate naideta Ase mo kawaite
Onaka ga suite kita na Nani ka attakke
Nigiyaka na koe to tomo ni ii nioi ga yatte kita

Itsumo hitori de aruiteta Minna ga matte ita

Itsuka hito ha hitori ni natte Omoide no naka ni ikiteku dake
Sore demo ii Yasuraka na kono kimochi ha Sore wo nakama to yobu n da
Itsuka minna to sugoshita hibi mo wasurete doko ka de ikiteru yo
Sono toki ha mou tsuyoku nanka nai yo
Futsuu no onna no ko no yowasa de namida wo kobosu yo

English Translation

I was always walking alone, When I turned around everyone was far behind
Even so I kept walking, That was what strength was
“I’m not afraid of anything anymore,” I try to whisper to myself
Everyone becomes alone someday living on only in memories
So that I can love and laugh even in loneliness I will fight
I will show no tears

I was always walking alone, A cliff waited for me at my destination
Even so I kept walking as proof of my strength
The strong wind blew against me, My shirt stuck to me with sweat
If I can forget everything someday living will become so much simpler
If I fall past oblivion that’s just running away
If only the meaning of having lived would disappear

Before long the wind died down and the sweat evaporated
I’ve become hungry, Did something happen?
Together with vibrant voices a pleasant scent came along

I was always walking alone, Everyone was waiting

Everyone becomes alone someday living on only in memories
Even so it’s fine, I will call these peaceful feelings my companions
Living somewhere I will someday forget the days that I spent with everyone as well
At that time I won’t be strong anymore
With the weakness of a normal girl tears will overflow


いつもひとりで歩いてた 振り返るとみんなは遠く
それでもあたしは歩いた それが強さだった
もう何も恐くない そう呟いてみせる
いつか人は一人になって 思い出の中に生きてくだけ
孤独さえ愛し笑ってられるように あたしは戦うんだ

いつもひとりで歩いてた 行く先には崖が待ってた
それでもあたしは歩いた 強さの証明のため
吹きつける強い風 汗でシャツが張りつく
いつか忘れてしまえるなら 生きることそれはたやすいもの
忘却の彼方へと落ちていくなら それは逃げることだろう

風はやがて凪いでた 汗も乾いて
お腹が空いてきたな 何かあったっけ

いつもひとりで歩いてた みんなが待っていた

いつか人は一人になって 思い出の中に生きてくだけ
それでもいい 安らかなこの気持ちは それを仲間と呼ぶんだ

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  1. freedoleen

    Thanks for the translation. Loving this song.

  2. tom


  3. worlDOMOnation

    You know, I’ve always been told that OP is Kanade-POV and ED is Yuri-POV, and it made sense that way in my mind too. But it seems different minds interpret it differently, eh?

  4. Zaruel

    Well, I second worlDOMOnation on this.
    As of another topic, I’m quite impressed by your translation speed. I’ve just finished downloading these stuffs at about 18 hours ago and when I jump to your site, I find the translations already. Thanks!

  5. Honya

    I guess it could be interpreted as being from Yuri or Kanade’s POV. The reason I thought it was Kanade was because of the whole loner theme throughout the song which is what Kanade does. Then there also the line about forgetting the days with everyone. I immediately thought about how all the classmates that Kanade was friends with eventually disappeared and how she was always left lonely. Verse 4-5 seems like how Otonashi started befriending her and how the others seem to be slightly more friendly towards her. The strength vs weakness contrast between the beginning and the end also reminds me of her; Kanade is ridiculously powerful physically but she is rather frail on the inside. The song just seems like Kanade to me. At the very least the lyrics seem to hint at a sad or bittersweet end but that’s kind of expected.

    1. gwern

      I don’t think a Kanade POV makes sense. First, the OP and ED animations start off visually focused on their particular girl. Second, the lyrics don’t make much sense for Kanade. All she is doing is waiting for Otonashi to show up. Look at these lines:

      > Everyone becomes alone someday living on only in memories
      > So that I can love and laugh even in loneliness I will fight
      > I will show no tears

      Kanade isn’t fighting for anything. Yuri is. Why does Yuri refuse to disappear, and try to fight on? Because she doesn’t want to lose her memories. Because she’s fighting against oblivion, to retain her memories of her siblings, her life, and the Battlefront (the members of which are joining her as the song plays in the ED).

      And of course the killer quotes that seal the deal for me is the final lines:

      > Living somewhere I will someday forget the days that I spent with everyone as well
      > At that time I won’t be strong anymore
      > With the weakness of a normal girl tears will overflow

      This is *exactly* what happened in the final episodes to Yuri. She protected the Battlefront for the last time and finally felt fulfilled enough that she could disappear. She could finally let go of her memories and go to live somewhere else, forgetting ‘the days’ she spent with everyone.

      And Yuri, who had been so ‘strong’ as their leader, broke down and began crying. I think Otonashi even says that at the end, Yuri had started to seem like a ‘normal girl’. (True enough, as ham-handed as the lines Yuri is made to say about shopping for matching outfits with Kanade are.)

      A really stubborn person could try to fit Kanade into the lyrics, but everything points to Yuri, nothing to Kanade.

      1. Lisa

        I also think it’s yuri
        I always thought because of the ending picture you always see her first!

      2. NintendoMad888

        Was gonna say the exact points you just said. It all points to Yuri…nothing to Kanade. You can talk about loneliness and Kanade if you want…but she doesn’t fit with the song. And loneliness could be fitted with Yuri, about the fact that her family got killed. But it’s not really about loneliness…it’s about how Yuri is always at the front. She made the battlefront, she is always charging in to fight. Think about the last episode, she was the one at the end, everyone was behind her. She kept fighting no matter what. She wasn’t afraid of anything anymore because of what had happened to her. She never showed any tears. Living would be simpler for her if she could forget everything that had happened to her, but she couldn’t (I have a feeling she may have said that to otonashi…that his life is simpler or easier). At finally, in the last episode…she won. And she knew that it meant that they all have to move on and that it’s over, and the memories will be gone. And that’s when she finally broke down and cried, she became weak. And, she became an ordinary girl, talking about shopping. It’s Yuri’s story throughout the programme and that it way she was the centre point of the ending credits, and the first person shown.

        1. theexogenerate

          It’s definitely about Yuri. Walking alone so you appear strong has her written all over it.

          1. Skyfawn

            I never once thought of Kanade when listening to this song. It has always been Yuri because this song IS her. It describes her way of thinking in every way.

          2. charlotte

            i agree kanade has a different personality than the one in that song. the first one is about kanade and the ed is yuri, i never thought of it ant other way. it just wouldn’t make sense.

      3. batakalamana

        yes, even the titles say a lot

  6. RdK

    beautiful song , thanks for the translation.

  7. Angelus

    An overly-literal translation without any real sense of how the whole song hangs together. And honestly, girls don’t “sweat”. As the old saying goes:

    Horses sweat
    Gentlemen perspire
    Ladies glow

  8. kuma

    thanks.. finally last episode aproach

  9. Matt

    i prefer literal translations, gives you a better feel for what they are actaully thinkin/saying

  10. BK2o1

    My Soul Your Beats made me cry up to the last part..

    Very Emotional anime Series.

  11. Hei

    thx for the translation and the lyrics that you post because I Like this song.

  12. Mazu

    I Like it
    Thx for Sharing! XD

  13. Dony

    this song make me want cry

    1. -Randum-


      had the sam thing in mind

  14. -Randum-

    tnx for da translation

    i realy luv this song

  15. Lisa

    I always get a little sad when I hear this song. Thanx for translating btw!
    does anybody know who sang this?

    1. Honya

      Tada Aoi

  16. wolfbane

    Sad emotive song. Thanks for supplying the lyrics.

    Knowing the story, this song (unfortunately) is about a suicide mixed with heavy Buddhist imagery. You can see it in the lines like ‘If I fall past oblivion that’s just running away’ [oblivion (no-mind) is a means to an end not an end in itself … theoretically, turn off the earth mind and a transcendent mind boots-up] ‘I was always walking alone, Everyone was waiting’ [earth life unreal individual experience, disincarnate then experience the real]. Well that’s what you get if you take a course in comparative ancient Greco-Buddhist philosophy :-)

    1. Honya

      Not sure I can agree with you considering the show made a pretty big deal about how none of the cast committed suicide. It might have some similar motifs though.

  17. Chloe

    this is nice! brave song is better than OP, right?

  18. playyxx

    Hey its about Yuri not kanade

  19. Kuro

    first time when i hear this song…..i felt like i wanna cry ><…lol

  20. Megumichan

    Thanks so much for posting this.. really love this song… Domo.. ^^

  21. Misuta Chingu Chongu Poteto

    I love this song. I love Japanese. 😀

  22. yuzuru

    i like it

  23. DarkDooM

    thank you for your translations 😀

  24. Skyfawn

    I absolutely love this song! Thanks for the translation. Whenever I sing it I get strange looks from my bro, probably because it sounds like jibberish to him, but I know what I’m singing. This song really speaks to me. Thanks a million! =)

  25. S.L.G

    My Soul,Your Beat! Kanade-Pov
    because Otonasi’s heart beat inside her. and kanade was the one who “normaly” have school life there isnt it?
    Brave Song . yes that was Yurippe-Pov.
    every single song in Angel Beats! was WONDERFULL and heart touching! :’)
    wonderfull anime.. :’)

  26. Sarah

    I love this song!

  27. Albert

    I always thinking about T.K before he died……

    It’s there any anime like Angel Beats??

  28. wiwit

    kenade… <3

  29. @is_nna

    love this song so much, cant help!


    Makes my heart cry… most touching anime i’ve ever seen… T_T.. <3

  31. Sora

    Cried ;_;

  32. Tharsin

    One of my most favorite anime’s. Cried like a baby at the end.

  33. Frensen Sen

    i Love this song and i fallen in love with angel beats ~
    and i cried like a kid when i saw episode 13 ~
    honestly from this 3 year i haven’t cried since i watch angel beats ! ._.

  34. Glen

    This song make me cry
    because the stories feels like my stories

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