May 23 2010

[Lyrics] Angel Beats! OP – My Soul, Your Beats! [Lia]


I didn’t mean to do this single today but I found a copy of it so I here are the lyrics a little early. Lia is such an amazing singer. I hope they release the LiSA AKA Yui version on the next single (so that I have one less song to do). The ED translation is coming soon but have fun with this for the time being.


Mezamete ha kurikaesu Nemui asa ha
Eri no TAI wo kitsuku shime
Kyoushitsu no DOA kuguru to honno sukoshi mune wo hatte arukidaseru
Sonna nichijou ni fukinukeru kaze
Kikoeta ki ga shita
Kanjita ki ga shita n da
Furuedasu ima kono mune de
Mou kuru ki ga shita
Iku oku no hoshi ga kiesatteku no wo
Te wo futta
Yokatta ne, to

Rouka no sumi miorosu Souji no tochuu
Okashi na mono da to omou
Atashi no naka no toki ha tomatteru no ni
Chigau hibi wo ikiteru you ni
Hokori ha yuki no you ni furitsumu
Matteru ki ga shita
Yonderu ki ga shita n da
Furuedasu ima kono toki ga
Mitsuketa ki ga shita
Ushinawareta kioku ga yobisamashita
Eien no
Sono owari

Itsu no ma ni ka Kakedashiteta
Anata ni te wo hikareteta
Kinou ha tooku Ashita ha sugu
Sonna atarimae ni kokoro ga odotta

Kikoeta ki ga shita
Kanjita ki ga shita n da
Furuedasu ima kono mune de
Mou kuru ki ga shita
Ikusen no asa wo koe Atarashii hi ga
Matteru ki ga shita
Yonderu ki ga shita n da
Furueteru kono tamashii ga
Mitsuketa ki ga shita
Iku oku no yume no you ni kiesareru hi wo
Te wo futta
Arigatou, to

English Translation

I open my eyes again, to a sleepy morning
I tighten the tie around my neck
When I pass through the classroom door I can walk in with my chest puffed out proudly
Such a wind blows past everyday life
I thought I heard it
I even thought I felt it
Now it starts to shake within my chest
I thought it would come soon
As those millions of stars vanished
I watched them fade
I waved them good-bye
“I’m glad”

Overlooking the corner of the hall as I sweep
I think something is odd
Even though the time within me has stopped
It’s like I’m living different days
The dust falls and piles up like snow
I thought they were waiting
I even thought they were calling out
Now my time starts to shake
I thought I found it
I awaken lost memories
That’s the end
Of the eternal

Before I knew it I was running
You were pulling my hand
Yesterday is long past; Tomorrow is just ahead
My heart raced at such obviousness

I thought I heard it
I even thought I felt it
Now it starts to shake within my chest
I thought it would come soon
The new day passes through thousands of mornings
I thought it was waiting
I even thought it was calling out
My soul is shaking
I thought I found it
Like millions of dreams the day can vanish
I watched it fade
I waved it good-bye
“Thank you”


目覚めては繰り返す 眠い朝は

廊下の隅見下ろす 掃除の途中

昨日は遠く 明日はすぐ

幾千の朝を越え 新しい陽が

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  1. Southrop

    How coincidental that I did a rip of the single at this time too xD
    .-= Southrop´s last blog ..Angel Beats OPED Single! =-.

  2. Honya

    I guess that means people can grab the single pretty easily with the link in your comment. Accidental teamwork!

  3. Sutaru

    I don’t know if it’s just me, but it sounds like she says “Ikuoku no yume” instead of “Ikioku no yume” in the line towards the end. When they hadn’t yet released the full version, I wasn’t sure what it’d sound like. The people who did fake fulls actually did a pretty good job, lol. I guess it wasn’t quite what I expected, but the song is still good. Thanks for the translation. 😉
    .-= Sutaru´s last blog ..Karaoke! =-.

  4. Honya

    Oh thanks for catching that! It should be “iku oku” like you said but I guess I made a typo. It has been corrected now. Sorry for the confusion.

  5. livealive

    it translation in romanji is wrong. you know that right?

    you have it as: “Mezamete ha kurikaesu Nemui asa ha”

    when it is actually: “Mezamete wa kurikaesu Nemui asa wa”

    there are many other places where the translation of the hiragana is wrong. “ha” can also mean “wa” if you listen to the song they say “wa”

  6. livealive

    for proof: http://japanese.about.com/library/blqow2.htm

  7. HttOz

    i think use wa is better n not confused with a song

  8. Nyoro~n

    mm..I am japanese but I don’t care which is.

    It’s too natural to write “ha” even as Romaji and I can’t think it is mistaken.it’s also easier to read.
    but sure that it pronounce “wa”.

  9. Shomy

    En español pofavor D: >__< la busco en todos lados y no la encuentro :S

  10. Rii

    If you’re using Nihon-shiki romanisation, then you should be writing SI instead of SHI. If you’re using Hepburn romanisation, then you should be writing WA instead of HA (when used as a particle). What you’ve got here is somewhere in between.

  11. Honya

    You’re right. I do use a hybrid of them; Hepburn for most things except Nihon-shiki for some particles. My point is that both systems are valid since most people only recognize Hepburn for some reason.

    1. jmpgo123

      i can play this on the piano full version, really hard song!!!!!!!!

  12. Taemojitsu

    Thanks for lyrics!

    Hepburn is for people who are used to English pronunciations of latin script, nihon-shiki is easier for Japanese people who are used to trying to write Japanese things with latin script. Since Japanese people will probably use kana, that is why hepburn is more popular. And as always, “maybe the Japanese way of teaching English is wrong” lol

  13. Kurisutaruhāto

    I love this song~! I love to play it on my piano~~ I love you for doing this~~~

  14. TK

    I finished ANGEL BEATS just now. It moves me very much, although i had been moved by CLANNAD.

    1. J

      I wish everyone would stop saying Clannad this and Clannad that on Angel Beats! pages. Seriously, we’re here to talk about Angel Beats! not Clannad. T_T

  15. akushi

    =( me da mucha pena esta cansion

  16. Ua_ismyname

    .. i really love the lyrics, for some reason.

    it hits something on me, perhaps

  17. AJ

    i love di song!!!!! XP

  18. Matthew

    I almost cried at the end of Angel Beats!
    And honestly, I preferred Kanon over Clannad, by how touching they were.

    1. Honya

      I did actually cry at the end of Angel Beats.

      Kanon is my favorite anime. Between Angel Beats and Clannad though, I’m not quite sure which I prefer more.

  19. MizuhoKanakazki

    I cried the first time I listened to this song -the whole thing. And I listen again reading the lyrics I crying on my keyboard. Thank you Lia. For this song.

  20. top


  21. Maiyako

    I can’t watch angel beats without crying at the end. great anime great music. my band and I usually play a 5 song setlist at our schools open Michael nite and for the fire one of the year we decided to play songs from angel beats. we opened with crow song and ended with my soul, your beats.

  22. Angel

    omg so did i it was so sad :( and now i’m learning the keyboeard and piano song parts of Angel Beats :) ….. i really love this show and i wish there was a 2nd season to it

  23. LinuxZombie

    Just started watching Angel Beats! last night. I love it! So glad Beemp3.com had this song for Rip!!

  24. jarryd

    wow great lyrics it seems like the song is about moving on id say it would be about otonashi and kanade somehow what a great song

  25. fizzy

    sry,,can you give the piano chord??

  26. tachibana kanade(babylyn dacillo)

    can you teach me how to play that song??????????on piano?

  27. angel's fall

    cute song!!!!!!!!!!

  28. Fairy Tail

    Cute song I now another great song called Snow Fairy by Funkist check it out and love Angel Beats too. That’s how I learned the song

  29. Erza Titania

    i cried a lot so sad :'(

  30. Frensen Sen

    i love all of the songs~

  31. jmpgo123

    i can play it on the piano, so hard!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  32. ojoichi

    i like it, may be u can create some music anime ^^

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