Jun 26 2010

[Lyrics] Angel Beats! Insert Song – Ichiban no Takaramono (Yui Ver.) [Girls Dead Monster]


Here’s the single that many people have been waiting for. Ichiban no Takaramono (My Most Precious Treasure) played at the end of episode 10 and towards the end of episode 13. Both were really emotional scenes of departure and the song really fits that motif. Apparently these are lyrics for the Yui Version but I think they are the same as the version sung by karuta. Anyway please enjoy my translation!


Kao wo awashitara kenka shite bakari
Sore mo ii omoide datta

Kimi ga oshiete kuretan da Mou kowaku nai
Donna fujiyuu demo shiawase wa tsukameru Dakara

Hitori demo yuku yo Tatoe tsurakute mo
Kimi to mita yume wa Kanarazu motteku yo
Kimi to ga yokatta Hoka no dare mo demo nai
Demo mezameta asa Kimi wa inain da ne

Zutto asondereru Sonna ki ga shiteta
Ki ga shite ita dake Wakatteru
Umarete kita koto mou koukai wa shinai
Matsuri no ato mitai Sabishii kedo sorosoro ikou

Doko made mo yuku yo Koko de shitta koto
Shiawase to iu yume wo kanaete miseru yo
Kimi to hanarete mo Donna ni tooku natte mo
Atarashii asa ni Atashi wa ikiru yo

Hitori demo yuku yo Shinitaku natte mo
Koe ga kikoeru yo Shinde wa ikenai to
Tatoe tsurakute mo Sabishisa ni naite mo
Kokoro no oku ni wa Nukumori wo kanjiru yo

Megutte nagarete Toki wa utsuroida
Mou nani ga atta ka Omoidasenai kedo
Me wo tojite mireba Dare ka no waraigoe
Naze ka sore ga ima ichiban no takaramono

English Translation

Whenever we saw each other all we did was fight.
But those were also wonderful memories.

You taught me so much; I’m not scared anymore.
No matter how difficult I can grab hold of happiness, so…

I’ll go by myself, even if it looks painful,
I’ll always carry on the dream I had with you.
Being with you was so wonderful; There was no one else.
But when I woke up in the morning, you weren’t there.

I felt that we could play forever.
But I know that’s just what I believed.
I don’t regret being born any longer.
Like the feeling after a festival, it’s sad but let’s move on little by little.

I’ll go anywhere, you know that.
I’ll show you that I can grant your dream of happiness.
Even if I’m separated from you, no matter how far,
I’ll be born with the new morning.

I’ll go by myself, even if I want to die,
I can hear your voice; I mustn’t die.
Even if it looks painful, even if I’m crying in sadness,
Deep in my heart I feel your warmth.

Time changed as it ebbed and flowed.
I can’t remember what happened anymore but,
If I try and close my eyes I can hear someone’s laughter.
Somehow that’s now my most precious treasure.



きみが教えてくれたんだ もう恐くない
どんな不自由でも幸せは掴める だから

ひとりでもゆくよ 例え辛くても
きみと見た夢は 必ず持ってくよ
きみとがよかった ほかの誰もでもない
でも目覚めた朝 きみは居ないんだね

ずっと遊んでれる そんな気がしてた
気がしていただけ わかってる
祭りの後みたい 寂しいけどそろそろ行こう

どこまでもゆくよ ここで知ったこと
きみと離れても どんなに遠くなっても
新しい朝に あたしは生きるよ

ひとりでもゆくよ 死にたくなっても
声が聞こえるよ 死んではいけないと
例え辛くても 寂しさに泣いても
心の奥には 温もりを感じるよ

巡って流れて 時は移ろいだ
もう何があったか 思い出せないけど
目を閉じてみれば 誰かの笑い声

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  1. Tachibana Kanade

    Ah, thanks so much for the lyrics, for some reason, I searched here before typing that song title with keyword lyrics next to it, probably because I know it is a epic song that you would translate. Anyway, I think it is a great song and using it in Episode 13 is so emotional that it made me try while watching it. Angel Beats! is such as awesome anime and I really really hope for a 2nd season, something such as them finding each other again in life, fall in love with each other, and complete the ED background again instead of them disappearing…At least this is how I feel…but Key don’t ever seems to do a happy but not sad ending?

    1. nunya

      Did you race just to put your url as someone you WANTED to be?

  2. Anon

    That was fast. Awesome.

    Now please make a review of the finale of Angel Beats. I like those as much as I want you to translate Sakuragaoka rock version of K-ON. ;_;

  3. Atashi

    The lyrics for karuta version are roughly 65% different from the lyrics for Yui version. Some of the lines are completely different, some have words swapped out, and the closest matching stanza, the final one, has one word of difference (minna instead of dareka). Sadly it’s another month’s wait for the karuta version to come out… D:

  4. Ameke

    Thanks for identifying the song… Been wondering about the title of the song since it was played in eps 10.. Great job on the translation!

  5. うしお

    It was so good
    In episode 10 and 13 when this song appearacned I was.. (just tear..)

    p.s I’m poor at English so some parts would be wrong

    1. Akihisa Masayoshi

      Woman’s Ultimate happiness….
      being loved by someone she loved and so do the Man

  6. Liberta

    As usual Honya, your translations are always top notch : ) Listening to this song makes me emotional inside as well as makes me wonder the true value of life and everyone involved in it : )

  7. アメ

    Thank you for the transliteration.
    I can’t believe that the anime has already finished. It has been great.

  8. アリア

    Thanks for the translation!!! This is the BEST song ever! This song might bring tears to my eyes and also other peoples’ eyes, but it has a really strong rhythm that makes you feel like you want to sing and the song is sung so strongly that it really feels powerful…Go Angel Beats! Angel Beats! is the awesomest anime ever!

  9. M000

    May i please use ur lyrics to make a video?
    Plz and Ty! ><

  10. Mycstea

    Heya, i’m back from Japan lol and seems like you’ve been rather busy? You haven’t added me on MSN yet? XDDDD

  11. Honya

    Thanks to everyone who made this one of my most popular translations!

    @Tachibana Kanade: I’m kind of obsessive, aren’t I? I’d like a second season like that too but it probably won’t happen.

    @Anon: Finally got around to your request. Here’s the Sakuragaoka Theme Song. I didn’t realize I had much of an audience for my episodic impressions. If you don’t mind it being late I’ll get around to it tomorrow maybe.

    @Atashi: Thanks for the heads up. I guess I was too busy crying to pay attention to the song carefully.

    @Ameke: No problem.

    @うしお: I cried too.

    @Liberta: That’s a nice way to look at things.

    @アメ: The series seems to have gone by so fast. At least the ride was fun.

    @アリア: I know what you mean. I’ve kind of been singing it daily since the song came out.

    @M000: Sure go ahead. All I ask is for you to credit me and post a link to the video back here. I’m looking forward to it.

    @Mycstea: Yeah, I’ve been kinda busy trying to get past everything that has piled up. Sorry about not adding you sooner but I did it today if you haven’t seen yet.

  12. M000

  13. kimidakewo109

    wow, very nice lyrics.. thank you very much for them!

  14. AMg

    This song really sums up the relationship between Hinata & Yui. But, this song will hit you the hardest (in your face, if you’re the type who are easily emotionally touched) at the end of the series. Damn! I still cannot get over with this anime. =/

  15. Taupiggylicious

    Ugh… Even after a thousand times reading the lyrics, tears still falls D:

  16. Piggylicious

    Well, I prefer this one more than Karuta’s. LiSA’s voice is just simply splendid. Even though Karuta’s has another plus point on the piano, her voice just couldn’t beat LiSA’s

  17. Kurz

    What can I say… I soooo love this song… Somehow, It sorta heal me emotionally and would always remind me to: “stop and think about it” or “Kurz, how have you been doing?” something like that… Anyway, Glad I found a song that puts me at ease… and yeah makes my tears fall every time. ^_^ I was even caught at the office with a tear because this was played by my player that time. haha It felt great though.

    You guys who haven’t heard this before… MUST MUST listen to this song. +10

  18. 20

    Seperti biasa… Kebiasaan KEY membuat anime, music, dan lain2 yang selalu …
    Okay, bukuwa speechless deh…
    Yui final .ver is Ichiban no Takaramono!!!
    Bukuwa suki nih sama lagu ini!
    Very nice of music!
    lovely song…
    So sweet…
    Barang siapa denger music ini akan mati bahagia!!!

    1. kira_haruka

      wew… are you sure dude??

  19. ncha

    thanks for the lyric… ^^

  20. yo

    if it too much to ask u translating “my song”? An insert song of 3rd ep?when the iwasawa dissappeared,puhlease,f

  21. Irene

    I’m so pissed off! They were meant to make a Season 2 >.<

  22. Irene

    I’m so pissed off! They were meant to make a Season 2 >.< Angel beats is the most saddest anime evr made :(

    1. Kurz kun

      I see you haven’t seen AnoHana yet. :) That, for me, is the saddest anime. Angel Beats is second. Watch it.. :)

  23. fitri

    I am very curious about the songs of angel beats season 2

    1. asuna

      there is not going to be a season 2….wish there was<3

  24. Saya

    Hey I’m playing this song for my school concert! My friend and I love this song and ANGEL BEATS!+ any anime! We started a band, it’s called Heaven Hearts!

  25. Saya

    Irene, your right I’m pissed off too! AH! I’m going to watch angel beats! NOW! to clam me down!

  26. asuna

    best song ever so sad<3<3<3

  27. reza

    I will copied this. Its very nice song for sleep well

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