Jun 29 2010

[Lyrics] K-ON!! – Sakuragaoka Joshi Koutougakkou Kouka (Rock Ver.) [HO-KAGO TEA TIME]


Here’s a request by a certain anon. This song was released with the Pure Pure Heart single and is a rock version of the school song for Sakuragaoka Girls’ Senior High School (桜ヶ丘女子高等学校高歌). You can hear the regular version in the first episode of K-ON!! The song’s pretty nice and the lyrics are pleasant. I kept in mind that the song is a school theme so I tried to keep it sounding school song-y if that even makes sense. Anyway translation below.


Sumishi aozora Aogimite
Harukeki risou wo Musu bamu to
Kaoreru ouka no Saku oka ni
Aa Hagemishi tomogaki ga tsudou niwa

Tsuranaru mine no futokoro ni
Jiai no kokoro wo Hagukumite
Akeyuku mirai wo Ninawamu to
Aa Tsutomeshi tomogaki ga tsudou niwa

Sayakeki minamo ni Utsurikoshi
Otome no seishin Takaki yume
Sanjite wasurenu Gakusou to
Aa Chikaishi tomogaki ga tsudou niwa
Aa Chikaishi tomogaki ga tsudou niwa

English Translation

Looking up at the clear blue sky,
We foster our distant dreams.
On the hill where fragrant cherry blossoms bloom,
Ah! Our supportive friends gather in the gardens of school.

Atop the beautiful peaks of our outstretched hearts,
We raise affectionate souls.
To shoulder the future that opens up to us,
Ah! Our diligent friends gather in the gardens of school.

Reflecting back on the pristine water’s surface,
Are our sincerity as maidens and our lofty dreams.
Dispersing around school without forgetting that,
Ah! Our friends make vows and gather in the gardens of school.
Ah! Our friends make vows and gather in the gardens of school.


澄みし碧空(あおぞら) 仰ぎ見て
遥けき理想を 結実(むす)ばむと
香れる桜花の 咲く丘に
ああ 励みし友垣が集う校庭(にわ)

慈愛の精神(こころ)を 育みて
開けゆく未来を 担わむと
ああ 勉めし友垣が集う校庭

清けき水面に 映り来し
乙女の誠心 高き夢
散じて忘れぬ 学窓と
ああ 誓いし友垣が集う校庭
ああ 誓いし友垣が集う校庭

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  1. Mirage

    Okay, I’ll name myself this time as the requestor. Anyways, thanks for granting mine and cheers for the translation as always, Honya.

    It really was a surprised as I type here in the middle of the night.

    Hope to see more of your projects soon especially on next month’s Angel Beats’ album.

  2. Honya

    No problem.

    Hopefully I can hammer out the remaining Angel Beats songs before the new album comes out.

  3. yasu

    I love this gakkou kouka(school anthem), it is the type song that i like, thank you very much for the lyric, now i can sing together with the Sakuragaoka student. onece again…okagesama de, thank you.

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