Sep 05 2010

[Lyrics] K-ON!! Insert song – U&I [HO-KAGO TEA TIME]


U&I is from episode 17 of K-ON second season. Yui writes it to Ui when she realizes how important she is to her. The lyrics are simple and at times a little cheesy but it does a great job of conveying Yui’s honest feelings. It’s definitely one of my favorite songs from the series thus far. Translation and such below:


Kimi ga inai to nani mo dekinai yo
Kimi no gohan ga tabetai yo
Moshi kimi ga kaette kitara
Tobikkiri no egao de dakitsuku yo

Kimi ga inai to ayamarenai yo
Kimi no koe ga kikitai yo
Kimi no egao ga mirereba sore dake de ii n da yo

Kimi ga soba ni iru dake de itsumo yuuki moratteta
Itsumade demo issho ni itai
Kono kimochi wo tsutaetai yo

Hare no hi ni mo ame no hi mo
Kimi wa soba ni ite kureta
Me wo tojireba kimi no egao kagayaiteru

Kimi ga inai to nani mo wakaranai yo
Satou to shouyu wa doko dakke?
Moshi kimi ga kaette kitara
Bikkuri saseyou to omotta no ni na

Kimi ni tsuitsui amaechau yo
Kimi ga yasashisugiru kara
Kimi ni moratte bakari de nani mo ageraretenai yo

Kimi ga soba ni iru koto wo atarimae ni omotteta
Konna hibi ga zutto zutto
Tsudzuku n da to omotteta yo

Gomen ima wa kidzuita yo
Atarimae ja nai koto ni

Mazu wa kimi ni tsutaenakucha
“Arigatou” wo

Kimi no mune ni todoku kana? Ima wa jishin nai keredo
Warawanaide dou ka kiite
Omoi wo uta ni kometa kara

Arittake no “arigatou”
Uta ni nosete todoketai
Kono kimochi wa zutto zutto wasurenai yo

Omoi yo Todoke

English Translation

When you’re not around I can’t do anything.
I want to eat your food.
When you come back,
I’ll cling to you with a super smile.

When you’re not around I can’t apologize.
I want to hear your voice.
Being able to see your smile is all I need.

You always gave me courage just by being by my side.
I want to be together forever.
I want to tell you these feelings.

Whether rain or shine,
You stayed by my side.
If I close my eyes I see your radiant smile.

When you’re not around I don’t understand anything.
Where’s the sugar and soy sauce?
When you come back,
I thought I’d surprise you and yet…

Unconsciously I act spoiled towards you,
Since you’re too kind.
I receive so much from you without being able to give back.

Obviously I thought about how you stayed by my side.
I thought that such days,
Would continue forever and ever.

I’m sorry; I’ve only just realized it now.
It’s something that’s not so obvious.

First I’ll start by telling you,

I wonder has it reached your heart? I don’t have any confidence right now but,
Don’t laugh and just listen,
Because I put my thoughts into a song.

I want to place all my “Thanks”
Into a song and send it to you.
I will never ever forget these feelings.

My thoughts, reach!













思いよ 届け

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  1. Mirage

    Fuck yes, I’ve been waiting for this.

    Thanks, Honya. Btw, I think you haven’t translated No Thank You. Please work on it.

  2. Raigeki

    Finally. Thanks a lot..

  3. dro

    This is the one song that chokes me up because it reminds me of the touching part where Ui fell sick and Yui had to take care of her. T_T

  4. Honya

    @Mirage: Thanks for the reminder. I’ve had NO Thank You in my drafts for a while but was kinda busy when it came out so I never did do the final version. I’ll try to get it out when I can.

    @Raigeki: No problem.

    @dro: I really liked that episode. Yui and Ui are just a wonderful pair of sisters.

  5. Vanon

    Great translation thank you for putting the lyric here

  6. hisui19

    OMG… thanks so much for this! I Love Ui so much! And thank god Yui finally noticed Ui, It’s always Azu-nyan… -_-“

  7. Andreas

    now i just notice how hard it is to sing the lyric to be fit in the song like yui did O_o

    great translation thank you. *get back to sing u&i*

  8. I love Girls Dead Monster.

    I cried a a lot…. Thank you for your great translationT_T

    1. K-On Lover

      i also cried and it hit me too much

  9. I love Girls Dead Monster.

    I’m sorry to have made you confused. Gohan can mean ” cooked rice, but I was wrong. You are absolutely correct!! In this case, Gohan can mean (your) “food” or(your) meal. I’m very very sorry I made you confused a lot.

    Could you detete my comments . I mean the number 9. I’m sorry to bother you a lot!! I apologize to you for what I have said and done!

  10. Honya

    @Vanon: Thank you. I’m glad you liked it.

    @hisui19: I loved the sisterly love expressed in this episode.

    @Andreas: I for the most part find Yui’s songs hard to sing but it’s pretty fun to try anyway.

    @I love Girls Dead Monster.: It’s okay. Thanks for trying to help though.

  11. SilviaDianaSchechter

    OMG thanks so much to the one who published this song’s lyrics.. I cried so many times at this song.. And I think I will always cry at it..This is just beautiful all about the K-ON serial it is incredible to live with the magic of HHT around you all the time.. KEEP ON WITH THE BEST !!! ARIGATO!!!!!

  12. norie mae

    i really love this song composed by yui. really touchy and i love it

  13. yuimugi

    waw…its very useful,arigatou. I really like yui hirasawa…any another lyric?

    Ui n yui..twins??

    @honya : please add another lyric.. 😀 i will wait it

    1. Honya

      I’ll try to get back to translating soon!

      1. yuimugi

        Arigato gozaimasu. Seishin o!!!

        1. Kizitshu Nishizawa Kuroshaki

          kawaiiiii… Ritsu Tainaka-chan..

  14. Lala

    Omg..i love the lyrics..so sweet..love.love.love…forever Yui and Ui,

  15. Lala

    Omg..i love the lyrics..so sweet..love.love.love…forever Yui and Ui..

  16. yuimugi

    @honya : honya senpai have liryc tenshi ni furetayo?

  17. HTT!!

    This song it’s.. Absolutely beautiful!! Simple, but really really really touching!!
    Thanks to HTT for making this song!! ;D

  18. hydeistianne

    this song made me cry…. *sniff*

    thanks for the translation!


    I can believe a gangster can cry to this song which is me

  20. lolli

    I just realized U&I spells Ui. I just thought they were spelling You and I like that. Yui and Ui are the best pair of sisters! I wish my little sis was like that… :)) I love this song thanx so much Honya! I sang this at my sis’s birthday

    1. tcakes

      it goes both ways which is why its such a well done song

    2. Honya

      Yeah, it’s great how well the name works. I’m glad you were able to find it helpful and hope your sister loved your performance.

  21. yuimugi

    honya sempai. You have lyric gitah ni kubitakke ? I want it honya sempai.

    1. Honya

      Giita ni Kubittake added to top of Project K-ON.

  22. Hidda Rie

    Honya senpai, do you have ‘No Goodbye’ lyric?
    I want to sing that song, but I dunno the lyric. Arigatou gozaimasu

    1. Honya

      I’m not really sure which song you’re talking about so I can’t really help. Sorry.

  23. Hyun Jin

    I’m practicing this song in English to send it to my friend…. I really love this song

  24. Ferdinand

    this song is very very touching. when I want to translate it in my language. Thank you so much Honya.
    and sorry one more if translated song titled K-ON No, Thank You! already there …?? arigatou gozaimashita :)

    1. Honya

      Yeah, I’ll finish that sometime.

  25. TYA ^^

    This song tell me that YUI love UI so much <3

  26. lifeofpettysin

    I’ll cling to you with a super smile.

    The actual translation would be “I’ll greet you with a great big smile”, good job on the rest, but you got a little litteral which is okay when trying to translate a song from kanji to english :3

    1. Honya

      I understand what you mean but I’ll keep it as it is since that’s how I do things. Thanks for the advice though.

  27. syed afnan

    this song make made me cry T.T a lot

    1. syed afnan

      aaakii toyosakiii chann ^^

      1. natsu

        I love this song so much that I am trying to learn this song so that I can sing this so to someone special to me

  28. yui

    I like this song so much

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