Oct 24 2010

[Lyrics] K-ON!! Insert Song – Tenshi ni Fureta yo! [HO-KAGO TEA TIME]


So I didn’t realize this song was already out until late last night since I thought it would be released as a single first. Anyway this is the song that Yui and the original members sing to Azusa before leaving school for the last time. It’s a really touching song that sums up the wonderful times that they spent together and reassuring Azusa that even after they leave that they will always be together. Definitely one of my favorite songs from the series. I hope you like it as much as me.


Nee Omoide no kakera ni
Namae wo tsukete hozon suru nara
“Takaramono” ga pittari da ne

Sou Kokoro no youryou ga
Ippai ni naru kurai ni
Sugoshita ne Tokimeki iro no mainichi

Najinda seifuku to uwabaki
HOWAITOBOODO no rakugaki
Ashita no iriguchi ni
Oitekanakucha ikenai no kana

Demo ne, Aeta yo! Suteki na tenshi ni
Sotsugyou wa owari ja nai
Kore kara mo nakama dakara
Issho no shashintachi
Itsumade mo kagayaiteru
Zutto Sono egao Arigatou

Nee Sakura no ki mo chotto
Setake ga nobita mitai
Mienai yukkuri na SUPIIDO demo

Kitto Ano sora wa miteta ne
Nando mo tsumazuita koto
Sore demo Saigo made aruketa koto

Fuwari houkago no rouka ni
Koboreta onpu no hane
Fukafuka tsumoru made
Kono mama de iretara ii no ni na

Demo ne, fureta yo! Aisubeki tenshi ni
Tadaima tte iitaku naru
Kono basho wa kawaranai yo
MEERU no jushinbako
Maru shita KARENDAA
Tobikiri no yume to deai kureta
Ongaku ni arigatou

Eki no HOOMU Kawara no michi
Hanaretete mo Onaji sora miagete
YUNISON de utaou!

Demo ne, Aeta yo! Suteki na tenshi ni
Sotsugyou wa owari ja nai
Kore kara mo nakama dakara
Daisuki tte iu nara
Dai daisuki tte kaesu yo
Wasuremono mou nai yo ne
Zutto Eien ni issho da yo

English Translation

Hey, if we name and preserve
Fragments of our memories,
Our “treasure” will be perfect.

Yes, we spent every heartbeat-colored day
As if our hearts
were filling to capacity.

We got used to the uniforms and the indoor shoes,
And the scribbles on the whiteboard.
We wonder if we have to be prepared
When we enter tomorrow.

But you know, we were able to meet a wonderful angel!
Graduation is not the end
Because we’ll be friends even after.
Photos of us together,
Our matching key chains,
They’ll shine forever.
Thank you for always smiling.

Hey, even the cherry blossom trees
Look like they’ve gotten a little taller
But at such a slow speed we can’t perceive.

We’re sure you were looking at that sky.
There were many things we failed
But even so we were able to walk until the end.

In the corridors after school,
The feathers of music gently overflowed
Until they pile up softly and lightly.
If only we’d be able to stay like this.

But you know, we touched a lovable angel.
The place where we want to say “Hi,”
Will never change.
The texts in the inbox,
The things circled on the calender,
You gave us extraordinary dreams and encounters.
Thank you for the music.

The station platform, the road along the river bed,
Even if we are separated, look at the same sky
And let’s sing in unison!

But you know, we were able to meet a wonderful angel!
Graduation is not the end
Because we’ll be friends even after.
If you say “I really love you”
We’ll say in return “We really, really love you!”
We won’t leave you behind.
We’ll always be together for eternity.


ねぇ 思い出のカケラに
“宝物” がぴったりだね

そう ココロの容量が
過ごしたね ときめき色の毎日


でもね、会えたよ! すてきな天使に
ずっと その笑顔 ありがとう

ねぇ 桜の木もちょっと

きっと あの空は見てたね
それでも 最後まで歩けたこと


でもね、ふれたよ! 愛すべき天使に

駅のホーム 河原の道
離れてても 同じ空見上げて

でもね、会えたよ! すてきな天使に
ずっと 永遠に一緒だよ

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  1. Ddvche

    ty for translating

  2. miki_sei

    I’m no K-ON fan, but even I remember liking this song when you and Aorii watched the finale together in our living room. I guess they gotta give you something to make up for hanging Azusa out to dry like that.

  3. Vanon

    sorry to bother but i can’t seem to find the album anywhere did you buy it from a site or did you find it somewhere?

    1. Honya

      I found it on the usual sites. I wish I had a physical copy though.

      1. Vanon

        hmm i still can’t find where to download it but i found a site that sell the album in a ok price

        1. Guntor

          you can try this site my friend
          its free

  4. randell1993

    Well actually this is my fav song! on the K-ON series aside U & I

    1. Denita Moirangthem

      Love love love the song…:-)

  5. WishMe

    i like this song ^^v it made me cry lol .. Do you have the lyrics for Tsubasa wo Kudasai ? By the way I really like your site ^^v

  6. Bubble Head

    Thank you for the lyric ^^ i realy like this song and really sad when i watch the ending :( guess i didn’t want K-on to end :<

  7. Honya

    @WishMe: I’ll finish all the K-ON songs once I find the time.

    @Bubble Head: I was sad too. K-ON is a show I could watch forever.

  8. Aina Yasmin

    i like this song very…. much!!!!
    do you have the lyrics for kira kira days?

    1. Honya

      Not at the moment but I plan to do all the K-ON songs eventually.

      1. Denita Moirangthem

        Do u hv the lyrics for curry nochi rice?

  9. Kzzr

    Is the single released yet? I’m trying to look for the actual single x__x Not just this song, since I like having the Album arts and the bonus tracks on my iPod ^___^

  10. Kzzr


  11. DDT

    a touching song. one of the series i watch over and over again….

  12. SuperTekuTeku

    I’m a Japanese.
    There is much wrong English translation.

    We want to say “We’re back.”
    This place won’t change.

    It’s a mistake to make “Want to say” and “This place” separate sentences.

    If you say “I really love you”
    We’ll say in return “We really, really love you!”

    The nuance of this English translation is also strange.
    “REALLY” is needless.
    A correct English translation is “We’ll say in return “We love you so much”.”

    1. Honya

      1) Are you saying to combine the 2 sentences into 1? If that is so the meaning is still the same.

      2) I chose to use “really” that way to match the sound of the Japanese in repeating 大 in 大大好き. In English the 2 translations are both acceptable but “really, really” sounds like how many young girls talk so I feel it suits the tone better.

      1. SuperTekuTeku

        I see!
        Thank you for explaining.

        There are a lot of words of the greeting when coming home in English. But, there is no word that corresponds to Japanese “ただいま”.
        “ただいま” has many meanings.
        Each meaning is different though the pronunciation is same “ただいま(tadaima)”.
        Hullo & Hello & I’m back home & Just now .

        I translated as follows.
        “The place where we want to tell that “hello” does not change also from now on either.”

        My English is unskilled. I’m sorry.
        By the way, In this music, the meaning of “Place” and “Home” and “Clubroom” is the same.

        In Japan, “好き(I like you)” and “愛してる(I love you)” has a different connotation.
        But, “好き” is often translated with “LOVE” in The English-speaking world.

        If “大” is added to “好き”, it becomes equivalent to love.

        Then, I felt that the translation “If you say “I love you” We’ll say in return “We love you so much”” was appropriate.
        But, came to be thought that your translation was also appropriate.
        Your English translation is beautiful.

        1. Honya

          1) Oh, I think I understand now. So a translation like:
          “The place where we want to say “Hello” will never change.”
          If this is correct, I will fix the original translation.

          2) I am glad you feel it is appropriate now. Your translation was also very good.

          Thank you so much for explaining everything to me! I really appreciate all of the help you have given me!

  13. thataznguy

    kyoani is full of effing geniuses jesus their k-on songs 2nd season are all quite good hell theyre fucking awesome this one made me tear T.T

  14. Ladyana

    Lagunya bagus, tapi panjang banget!

  15. krsna mercado

    This is my fav song, whenever I hear this song I always cry.

  16. syed afnan

    I very likeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

  17. Denita Moirangthem

    It is really touching…

  18. Denita Moirangthem

    I found the song in YouTube and it really is a touching song. I saw Azusa cry in the video and i cried with her. Thnx for translation :-);-)

  19. Denita Moirangthem

    I m a k-on fan. I luv this song, luv the meanings, the translation in my disk was all wrong as i m learning nihongo(Japanese) now in the net
    this is all correct. Love it.

  20. Syed Afnan

    i really enjoy this song and can make me happy allwasy

  21. dyah

    aslinya lagu dari senior pada junior tapi ini kurasa pas dinyanyikan oleh junior pada para senior

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