Aug 28 2011

[Lyrics] Hayate no Gotoku! Movie: HEAVEN IS A PLACE ON EARTH OP – Bokura, Kakeyuku Sora he [Suirenji Ruka (CV: Yamazaki Haruka)]


This song came out along with the movie theme song but strangely enough I have not been able to find it anywhere except on the usual video sites. As such my translation is based off of the lyrics I have found online which all seem to be in agreement with one another but like always I will update this if need be. As before with the theme song, I tried to stay consistent with the material by translating “hayate no gotoku” as “like a gust of wind.” That is all. Have fun with this song until the movie comes out on disk whenever that may be.


Sashidasu te ni furete ii kana?
Mayoinagara nobasu yubi ni
Tobira hiraku kaze Fukinukete yuku

Kitto, Sorenari
Chanto, Isshou kenmei
Ikite kita ki ga shiteta
Takanozomi nado shinai no ni
Kamisama wa honto Ijiwaru da

Yume to genjitsu wa Tsune ni funaka de
Docchi ni tsuku ka Mayou keredo

Kono ryoute de tsukameru mono
Omoikiri dakishimetetai
Tsumazuite mo Mata waraeru
Kimi ga ite kureru kara!!
Natsu wo hakobu kaze no gotoku
Kono jidai wo kakenukeyou
Bokura ga tobu sora
Hirogatte yuku

Soba ni iru to Dokidoki no isshun made
Nichijou ni natte shimau kedo
Hontou wa unmei ni kansha shiteru
Hoshi ni hokoreru deai da to

Yuzurenai no wa “Mamorinuku koto”
Kimi ga michibiite kureta kara

Hora Yobu koe Kikoeru kana?
Kumo no aida wo surinukete
Kimi he todoke!
Mienai kabe kowashite
Dono shunkan mo minogasenai
Hayate no gotoku kakenuketa
Bokura no jikan ga Kasanatte yuku

Kagerou no naka Yureru bokura
Memai no naka de me wo fuseta
Toorisugiru natsu no keshiki
Owaranaide…To sakenda
Tobira hiraku Sono saki ni mo
Kimi no egao ga aru you ni
Massugu chikau yo!
Kakeyuku sora he

English Translation

Can I touch the hand being held out to me?
While I’m lost the breeze opening the door,
Blows through the straightened fingers.

Surely, Accordingly,
Properly, With all my heart and soul,
I felt that was how I lived my life.
I don’t ask for too much and yet,
God is really mean.

Dreams and reality are constantly in discord,
I’ll be lost no matter which I cling to but…

The things I grasp with my hands,
I want to keep holding them with all my heart.
Even if I stumble I can smile again,
Because you are here with me!!
Like a gust of wind carrying summer,
Let’s run past this age.
The sky we soar through,
Extends onwards.

When I am near you, Down to the moment that my hearts pounds,
Things become completely ordinary but,
In truth I thank fate for,
“An encounter I can boast of to the stars.”

What I can’t surrender is “Protecting things to the end,”
Because you showed me the way.

Hey, Can you hear the voice calling?
Weave between the clouds,
Let it reach you!
Let my feelings fly!
Tear down the invisible walls,
I can’t overlook any moment.
Like a gust of wind we ran past,
And our times overlap.

We sway in the heat haze,
And in a dizziness I covered my eyes.
The summer scenery rolls by,
And I cried out “Don’t end…”
Before the door even opens,
And so that you’ll have a smile,
I vow honestly,
To the sky racing away!


扉開く風 吹き抜けて行く

神様はホント 意地悪だ

夢と現実は 常に不仲で
どっちに付くか 迷うけれど

つまずいても また笑える

側に居ると ドキドキの一瞬まで

譲れないのは “守り抜くこと”

ほら 呼ぶ声 聞こえるかな?
僕らの時間が 重なって行く

陽炎の中 揺れる僕ら
扉開く その先にも

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  1. HoshiAnzu

    Thanks for the english translation :D~~~~ its help me a lot >W< and… do you have the lyrics of the end of summer in hayate no gotoku movie?

    1. Honya

      Thank you very much. I do not have The end of summer but I can work on it if you would like.

  2. JRiVe

    Hello, I love Hayate no Gotoku and I found this site for the lyrics from the movie, I love the songs and I want see the movie with subs >w<
    Actually I have the lyrics, you can see it from the booklet here: http://i56.tinypic.com/29fbmag.jpg
    I don't know if the one that you have are this… I hope what this will help you
    -Sorry, I'm not good at English, I can understand, but at writing…-

    1. JRiVe

      Oh, and if you can… I think that would be great if you translate Forever Star from the single of Bokura Kakeyuku Sora E

      1. Honya

        Sure, added to queue.

  3. phazer

    Thanks for the lyrics! It’s become one of my favourite songs. 😀

  4. laura

    I love hayate no gotoku, and I like athena tennosu and ruka suirenji. The most I like is the story of hayate life on the past. And all song in hayate no gotoku I will download. Thanks for the lyrics

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