Apr 28 2010

To Heart 2 adnext Announced!


In the June issue of Megami magazine a new two volume To Heart 2 OVA was announced for release this September The fourth OVA series will be called To Heart 2 adnext and will feature Komaki Manaka and Kusakabe Yuuki as the principle heroines.

I’m really looking forward to this since I just recently finished all of To Heart. Manaka is love and Yuuki just needs more screen time so I can get to know her character better. Hopefully I can also finish that To Heart post I’ve been working on once I get the time again. Can’t wait until September!

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Apr 28 2010

300k Site Visits! Time for Some Original Art!


Earlier today or rather technically yesterday (4/27) I finally got 300,000 hits on this site! I reached this milestone a little faster than expected due to the jump in visits I had after my recent music translation streak. As I missed various other landmarks such as 100k and 250k due to underestimating growth I really wanted to get a commemorative drawing out this time so I did a colored image for the first time in forever. Since I use Alice Margatroid as my avatar I obviously had to have her announce it. Anyway my interim goal before I reach 400k hits is to post more of my own art such as this and keep up everything else.

Thanks to everyone who has visited my humble blog!

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Apr 26 2010



After finishing Listen!! I isolated myself in the mountains for years but finally I bring you GO! GO! MANIAC, the opening of K-ON 2. Actually that’s a lie. It’s just that the song is so long it almost felt like the years were just passing me by. That or somehow I got infected with FOXDIE. Anyway the song was rather easy to translate though because of the slang the romaji looks a little funny. Anyway enjoy my translation!
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Apr 26 2010

[Lyrics] K-ON!! ED – Listen!! [HO-KAGO TEA TIME]


Finally here is K-ON 2’s ending song Listen!! I really love the ending video and everyone’s costumes. I don’t even know how many times I’ve listened to this song anymore. Anyway translations for the opening song GO! GO! MANIAC coming later today. For now just Listen!!
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Apr 23 2010

[Lyrics] Kud Wafter OP Single – one’s future [Suzuta Miyako]


Just when I thought I was done with translating Key songs for the time being I was surprised yet again today by the release of Kud Wafter’s opening song one’s future. It is sung by none other than Suzuta Miyako the voice of lead heroine Noumi Kudryavka. There are four versions of the song on the single including the regular version, a special “live” version and two instrumental versions. Surprisingly there is a lack of any Engrish considering the character singing. At the very least there is plenty doubling up of words so it sounds very cutesy. I made sure to retain that in my translation as best I could. The game won’t be out until June 25 but until then enjoy this translation of the song!
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Apr 22 2010

[Lyrics] Angel Beats! Insert Song – Alchemy [Girls Dead Monster]


Finally here’s the last Angel Beats insert song from the Crow Song single. Alchemy is sung during the middle of episode 3 and is pretty amazing. Translating this was a little more difficult than Crow Song or My Song but hopefully it turned out right. Have fun with this translation!
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Apr 22 2010

[Lyrics] Angel Beats! Insert Song – My Song [Girls Dead Monster]


As promised when I did Crow Song here is another one of the Angel Beats insert songs. This time it is My Song which was sung at the climax of episode 3. I think out of the three songs on the single this may be my favorite one. Anyway only Alchemy left. For now enjoy my translation and transliteration.
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Apr 22 2010

[Lyrics] Angel Beats! Insert Song – Crow Song [Girls Dead Monster]


I didn’t realize that the Angel Beats insert song singles would be released this soon so unexpectedly I’ll be working on all of them today. First off is Crow Song which appeared near the end of episode 1. Hopefully I’ll have the other two songs Alchemy and My Song up relatively soon. For now enjoy my transliteration and translation of the song.
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Apr 12 2010

What I Want From THE iDOLM@STER 2


As originally reported by オレ的ゲーム速報@刃 and later by Kotaku‘s Brian Ashcraft it seems that there is a possibility of seeing a new iM@S game early next year. Apparently a leaked release schedule by Microsoft Taiwan’s official news blog Xbox Life shows Idol Master 2 out February 2011. This has since been removed. Of course alone this is dubious at best. However there is also circumstantial evidence from the official iM@S Staff Column dating from February 2010 like this or this that mention that they have started work on their new project, gathered all their production notes, wondering what the idols will be doing at this time next year (2/2011) and that revealing any more details could get them in hot water. I hope this is real though for now this is only but a rumor. Instead of debating the validity of the evidence presented as that won’t change the iM@S staff’s production schedule the rest of the article will focus on what I want to see in the next game.
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Apr 11 2010

Spring 2010 Impressions: Exclamation Mark Overrun!

With the first episode or two of the new season’s anime out it’s time to give my first impressions of all the shows I’m watching. As this will be quite text and picture heavy I’ll get started right away. Note: Series are ordered in roughly the order I enjoyed them except for the two OVAs at the bottom of the list. Also I like Angel Beats and K-ON equally well. Anyway let’s go!

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